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Happy National Ice Cream Cake Day!

National Ice Cream Cake Day – June 27, 2022

No one knows for certain who came up with the ice cream cake or even when it originated. Multiple theories abound about this invention. Some food historians believe the sixteenth century was when the initial versions of the ice cream cake came to be. Others think Victoria Era desserts called ‘Bombes’ — which were made of ice cream and fruit and sometimes contained cake or biscuits — were the inspiration for the ice cream cake. Yet others believe wealthy English lords and ladies, who could afford treats like this, invented the ice cream cake. One more version of events attributes the trifle as being the first version of the ice cream cake; the theory is that since sponge biscuits were used to keep the ice cream in the trifle in place, they are the initial version of the ice cream cake. These earlier variations are not the current dessert we all know and love, however. The current design includes a cake that is baked and then cooled, and ice cream is added after to create the finished dish. Some companies even decorate this for an added flourish. These cakes gained in popularity over the years, but they only became affordable after World War I.

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1,300 Points

You Are Jamming, Dude! 5 Points

Play Yu Jammin

Trash Hater 5 Points

Destroy a trash can/cone

Yum Yum Pizza 5 Points

Play the game for the first time!

Cadet 5 Points

Cadet rank: just start the game

The Ultimate Turd Trophy 5 Points

If you got this trophy that means you’re the ultimate turd and it’ll be on your record in the metals. Make sure to hide your metals lmao

Shit Poster 5 Points

Those who make the worst contributions on a consistent basis are awarded a trophy such as this!

The Slime King 5 Points

He Will Predict Your Future!

Number One 5 Points

In its prime, without being one.

Uberkid is PISSED 5 Points

Uberkid (from the Pico's School series) is done with Pico's shenanigans and is seeking revenge while filled with rage and anger.

Ghosty 5 Points

You found Ghosty lurking in the graveyard. He likes to play hide and seek.

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